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Kim A. Case, Ph.D.

tenured full professor, anti-racist action trainer, social psychologist, book author, clogger (dance), karaoke addict, inclusive practices expert, keynote speaker, Appalachian academic, coach/mentor, intersectional ally, crocheter, kitty momma, science nerd, teacher-scholar-activist (intertwined)

About me: Your course creator

20+ years experience

You will benefit from my over two decades of experience with white anti-racism and ally training. My teaching focuses on privilege awareness, anti-racism, & systemic oppression. Helping white people unlearn, recognize, relearn, and take anti-racist action is my jam!


In my scholarship, I seek to answer questions about white allies and social change. My research on the psychology of whiteness and privilege fueled this course along with social psychology evidence, critical race theory, intersectional theory, feminist theory, and more.

not your average training

This experience will move you well beyond unconscious bias and typical diversity trainings. You will learn about systemic racism, your own whiteness & white lens on the world, and anti-racism for meaningful change.

ally action focus

Aspiring allies, accomplices, co-conspirators most often get stuck in the phase of educating themselves. We must take consistent and concrete action in all of our spheres of influence to dismantle systemic racism.

Core values

This course, and all the work I do, syncs with my core values foundation: SOCIAL JUSTICE, BELONGING, TRANSFORMATION, & VULNERABILITY. That last one includes humility, courage, and authenticity.


As an Appalachian at heart, I am wired to tell you the truth. I am going to push you to look at some of the uncomfortable stuff and stick with it for growth. And I will support your commitment to lifelong learning.

What I believe

Above all else, I believe my academic work is meaningless without contributing to social justice. My activism stretches back to 1998 when I first started facilitating white anti-racism groups focused on ally action. This course is part of my own ally journey to advance anti-racist action. More on my academic background below.

Academic stuff about me

Dr. Kim A. Case is a social psychologist by training and applies critical race, feminist, queer, and intersectional theory to her teaching, research, and service. Her mixed-methods research examines interventions to promote effective ally behavior, increase understanding of intersectionality, raise awareness of systemic privilege and oppression, and create inclusive spaces within educational and workplace settings. Her pedagogical scholarship, including three books and over 45 articles and chapters, addresses course effectiveness, inclusive classroom practices, co-construction of knowledge, and teaching for social justice. Kim’s work has been recognized with many national and university teaching, scholarship, service, and mentoring awards. Her full curriculum vitae is available below.

Find out more about Kim’s work and check out free resources on her website.

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