So you want to be an ally?

NOW available: your online, self-paced course for anti-racism and action for justice. The time is now. Enough is enough.


designed for you

Do you believe in justice and fairness for all?
Are you a white person who feels uncertain about what to do about racism?

Do you want to take anti-racist action but are unsure how to start?

Do you worry you will say or do the wrong thing?

Are you overwhelmed by the idea of fighting racism?

The course

12-week self-paced experience

This course is designed for white people ready to begin or continue the lifelong process of unlearning racism and taking anti-racist actions for racial justice. The effectiveness of this experience rests on your commitment to deep self-reflection, unlearning what you think you know, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, and taking action to dismantle white supremacy.


The course is structured as 6 main module lessons with many sub-lessons. Each module lesson covers two weeks. However, lifetime access allows self-pacing to meet your scheduling needs and maximize flexibility. Each module lesson requires 5-6 hours of time. For those who choose to do all of the activities, suggested readings, and reflective activities, going beyond 6 hours is possible.

Introductory video by Kim Case

From the first course lesson

This introductory video is part of the first lesson module of the course. You will see the video sets the stage for what the course will cover and how to prepare yourself for deep learning, reflection, and commitment to racial justice action.

The podcast

over 30 interviews with experts

Hear directly from the experts! This course includes interviews with scholar-activist experts on systemic racism, anti-racism, implicit bias, white supremacy as a system, taking action for social change, & more. These interviews make up an internal podcast created just for you in this course. Preview the Breaking Silence course podcast below.

About Kim Case, Ph.D.

your course creator

Hi there. I am an experimental social psychologist by training, but my scholarship is mixed-methods and interdisciplinary. My faculty development and mentoring path started back in 2006 when I fell in love with this work. My teaching and research on white privilege, developing white allies, and anti-racism began in 1998 in my graduate school years. More about me and what you will get from me as your course creator can be found on the Why Choose Me page.

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